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Frequently asked questions
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What is the purpose of the Destination Pride score?

The Destination Pride score provides a way for members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies to understand the status of rights and social sentiment in different countries and cities around the world. In addition to being a general indication for a specific destination, the single score also provides a basis of comparison between multiple destinations.

What destinations are available?

You can find a Destination Pride score for each of the 195 countries on earth. Also available are state- and province-level scores within more than 35 of those countries, including USA, Australia, India, Ukraine, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and the regions of the United Kingdom. In addition, the platform provides scores for more than 2,000 cities around the world, and the ability to search any city in the world and receive an estimated score built from known regional data. We will be updating our database with new locations and new data to provide timely and relevant information on the world’s progression to equality.

How is the score for each destination calculated?

There are two types of data used to calculate the score: static and dynamic. Each data set calculates its own score based on the criteria below. The two are then averaged together to determine an overall score.

Static data collects information on laws pertaining to Marriage Equality, Sexual Activity Laws, Gender Identity Protections, Anti-Discrimination Laws, and Civil Rights & Liberties. Each law is determined by the province, state, or country of the searched location. Depending on how progressive the protections are of each law, a score 0%, 50%, or 100% is assigned.

If there are no rights in place to protect the LGBTQ+ community, the destination receives a score of 0% for that law. If there are some rights in place (but not equal), the destination receives a score of 50% for that law. If the rights in place are completely equal, the destination receives a score of 100% for that law.

Individual scores for each law are then averaged to determine an overall static score.

Static data only updates when a law changes.

Dynamic data determines a score based on the amount of people who are sharing positive and/or negative sentiment regarding LGBTQ+ issues, which is expressed through social media platforms in the city, state, province, or country of the searched location. Destinations receive a score ranging from 0% to 100% based on the average sentiment level.

If the average sentiment level is positive, the destination receives a score ranging from 51% to 100%, where 100% is all positive sentiment. If the average sentiment level is negative, the destination receives a score ranging from 0% to 49%, where 0% is all negative sentiment. If the average sentiment level is neutral, the destination receives a score of 50%.

Dynamic data updates whenever a location is searched.

For all scores, if any data point for a destination earns 0% (i.e., has no visible bar), the overall score is penalized. This is done to account for the relative hostility observed to be present in destinations where zeros occur. The calculation is achieved by subtracting a destination's overall score with an exponential value based on the amount of negative space in its Pride Flag visualization.

What data sources are used in the calculation?

Destination Pride comprises data from the following sources: Wikipedia, Equaldex and Netbase (a social sentiment measuring tool that looks at news articles, blog posts, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels). As new data sources become available we will make updates to improve the accuracy and recency of the data.

If a destination has a low score, does that mean I shouldn’t go there?

We would hate for a low score to discourage anyone from visiting any destination. While we celebrate places with higher scores, we recognize that even destinations with low scores can contain wonderful and vibrant LGBTQ+ communities and allies. We would never want this tool to minimize the great work towards equality that is being done around the world. It has been designed as a visualization, intended to supplement travel decisions, inspire conversation and contribute to positive change.

Destination Pride is a work in progress. It’s designed to shine a light on places where advances have been made, and where there is still progress to be made. The tool should be used as a guide only and is by no means an absolute safety rating system. It relies on the accuracy of the data it measures, and on the feedback from the communities it serves.

Why is social sentiment not available for some cities?

Social sentiment scores are available for approximately 1,000 cities around the world, and we are adding more cities each week. For small cities and towns where this information is not yet available or if there is not enough social data to derive a score, the social sentiment score for the country, state or province is used instead. For example, if you search for “Mitchell, Ontario”, your score will include the social sentiment score for “Ontario,” but not specifically for “Mitchell.” This will be noted above the score.

How up-to-date is the information and how often is it updated?

Destination Pride ’s scores are based on the most recent data available from our sources and updates periodically as data changes. Social media sentiment is presented in real-time based on the average of the last 90 days at the time of displaying the result.

How can I provide updates to data and information to improve the accuracy? Or provide feedback on a specific Destination Pride score?

Please visit the specific city or country page you’d like to provide information for. There is a comment section located below the Destination Pride Flag bar graph visualization where you can share your thoughts. If you’d like to reach out to us directly, please visit the Contact Us page to complete and submit a feedback from.

How can I help improve the rights of the LGBTQ+ community around the world and support Destination Pride?

Please help bring attention to the importance of LGBTQ+ rights around the world by sharing Destination Pride Flags and scores for countries and cities with your social networks. You can find tools to share on a destination’s result page.

What do I do if my question is not answered here?

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